Faith, Family & Farming Provide Foundation

Water across the roadways and flooded fields have been commonplace in North and Eastern Iowa after widespread rain fell last week.

Water across the roadways and flooded fields have been commonplace in North and Eastern Iowa after widespread rain fell last week.

This past week has been filled with huge events! Widespread rainfall. Record flooding. Devastation and loss.

Rain events of 5 to 10 inches fell last week in southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa and west central Wisconsin. As a result, record flooding has monopolized the headlines in recent days. We watched the reports as folks in Butler County braced for flooding. Now we’re hearing that Cedar Rapids is bracing for the second biggest flood on record.

Just as some homeowners suffered as the enraged rivers ran through their property, many farmers have watched their entire year’s work literally wash away! Others watch helplessly as water continues to surround crops that are ready for harvest but impossible to reach. It will take years for families and communities to recover from the devastation.

As devastating as these losses are, the one thing that brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it is the loss of a friend’s 10-week old grandson. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is unimaginable to me. My heart just breaks for that entire family.

In our big world, devastating losses happen every day. We must each bear our burdens as tough as they are, and how we handle these situations determines who we are. Do we hide from the issues facing us today? Do we shut down our emotions after a loss? Do decide we’ve had enough and refuse to plant another crop? Life can be tough!

It helps to find the see the good deeds being done. The outpouring of support to nearby communities has been heartwarming as Iowans do what they do best – and that’s support one another in tough time. Yesterday football players from Osage, Riceville and West Fork lent a helping hand in the cleanup efforts in Greene.


This field is location just west of our headquarters in Alexander, Iowa. The corn is ready to be harvested, but the surrounding water is keeping farmers out of the field.

Acts of kindness lift us up when we’re feeling down. Grace from strangers show us there’s hope where we couldn’t see it for ourselves. While reflecting upon this week’s events, this verse continued to come to mind: “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

Faith and prayer can give comfort and direction. I truly hope everyone can recover from the losses of the past week. Answers can be scarce, but we must continue in a forward direction.

Join me in looking for those answers. Let’s keep striving for solutions. While watching last night’s debate, I was reminded that this presidential election is not the total solution. We also must engage in local and state races. Let’s elect the best people our system will allow while keeping our priorities in order: God, family and work.