5 things I wish I Would’ve Known before Attending ISU

By Kilah Hemesath, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Marketing Interncampanile

There is a college fit for everyone, and I can confidently say I found mine. Because I’ll be graduating in May, I find myself appreciating my experiences at Iowa State University a little bit more every day.

Looking back on the last four years, there are a few things I wish I would have known earlier:

  1. Buy proper attire for ALL seasons.

There are countless joys to living in Iowa, including the weather. There’s no denying that Iowa experiences weather as hot as Texas and as cold as Alaska. You’ll be a lot more comfortable if you prepare for it all! Buy a winter coat, boots, umbrella and comfortable walking shoes. With those options in your closet, you will be set!

  1. The Parking Division is pitiless.

Nothing is more disappointing than walking to your car and finding a little yellow envelope with a ticket in it. The parking division is fierce! Parking on campus is very limited, and the parking division offers no pity when writing tickets. My best advice is to take advantage of the CyRide Service, and avoid parking on campus.

  1. Study abroad early.

Because you get busier each year, study abroad during your first two years of college. I will be studying abroad for the first time in May after graduation! I couldn’t be more excited to do so. So many times I’ve wished that I had given it a chance in my first year of college. Time goes quickly, so live in the moment.

  1. ISU Campus is not as big as it appears.

Attending a school that is 4.5 times bigger than my hometown was most intimidating! Once you know your way around campus, it makes the experience a lot more comfortable. This year ISU has a record enrollment of 36,001. View this number as an opportunity instead of a scare; that is 36,000 other people you can interact with and learn from! Once your major is declared, you’ll meet more people who share your same interests. Campus clubs are another great way to create a smaller environment.

  1. Campus dining is the ticket to quick and tasty meals.

There is a smorgasbord of both dining centers to choose from, as well as options inside each dining center. My favorite dining hall is Conversations. It is a smaller scale dining center that usually features meals that are made right in front of you! Even with the smallest dining package, I still had ample amount of meals left over! After freshman year, you’ll have the chance to cook for yourself. Think about simple meals you and your roommates could make together!

My time at Iowa State has served me well. I’ve formed so many relationships and have had so many great experiences. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, and I’m especially grateful that attending ISU helped me find my career path. I’m really looking forward to starting full-time in May with Latham Hi-Tech Seeds!