25 Things about Shannon Latham

  1. If I could have dinner with a famous person, I’d be torn between Debbie Macomber and Nicholas Sparks.Shannon Latham Latham Seeds
  2. My dream is to write a children’s book.
  3. All my life I’ve been hoping to catch a trophy fish. I’ve been to the Walleye Capital but only came home with dinner.
  4. My favorite pastime is reading because good books can take you places you’ve never been.
  5. It’s my goal to visit all 50 U.S. states before I turn 51.
  6. Trips to Switzerland, Italy and Greece top my travel wish list. Another bucket list item is attending the Christmas Market in Germany.
  7. I have a passion for punctuation and love alliteration.
  8. This world needs more cheerleaders, so I make it a point to compliment at least one person in each meeting that I attend.
  9. I have my motorcycle license.
  10. For my 40th birthday, I debated whether to get a butterfly tattoo or to buy a Harley. I didn’t get either.
  11. Like Thoreau, I’d rather sit alone on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.
  12. Enchanted Acres pumpkin patch is my happy place. I started it in 2012 to help families make memories and to help consumes connect with farmers.
  13. My first business checking account was opened when I was 10 years old for my 4-H sheep project.
  14. While attending the 4-H Washington, D.C. Focus trip as a junior, I learned about lobbying. My first full-time job was serving as a lobbyist for agribusiness.
  15. I won the state 4-H award for Ag Careers, earning a trip to National 4-H Congress.
  16. Although I’ve been a Girl Scout leader for 9 years, I have yet to cook outdoors with a Dutch oven.
  17. I was a charter member of the North Butler FFA. I was also the only female member and chapter president.
  18. My favorite car was a candy apple red Pontiac Grand Prix with a sunroof and spoiler.
  19. One of my favorite things about being a Mom is watching my kids discover what makes their eyes light up. For my son, it’s playing basketball all over North Iowa. For my daughter, it’s the perfect lope around the show ring on the back of her horse.
  20. If you would’ve asked me what I wanted to be when I was a child, I would’ve said a veterinarian.
  21. One year Santa delivered a goat named “Merry” on Christmas morning.
  22. I grew up with cats but our family’s Black Lab, Bailey, has turned me into a dog lover. No one is happier to see me come home than she is!
  23. Trying new recipes is a favorite past time, and my love of food prompted Friday’s featured recipes on TheFieldPosition.com.
  24. I earned my bachelor’s degree from ISU and my MBA from the University of Iowa, but my loyalties are not evenly split. Iowa may have gotten my money but ISU has my heart
  25. Iowa is the Hawkeye State, but I’m a proud member of cyclONEnation!10250326_805167319561234_248440138033160704_n