OUR ANNUAL SEED-2-SOIL® FIELD DAY WILL BE HELD AUGUST 28 on our Research Farm in Alexander, Iowa. We’d like to invite every farmer within our marketing territory to join us for plot tours and lunch. Everyone in attendance has a chance to win an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)!

Chad Colby will be back with the most recent updates on this exciting new UAV technology, and he will demo the newest equipment available to the industry. Other interesting plots and demonstrations to take in that day include:

  • Enlist™ Soybean Demos: See our field demonstrations of this new technology from Dow AgroSciences that gives plant tolerance to this new brand of 2,4-D chemistry. There will also be demonstrations showing how this technology is different from Dicamba-tolerant (Banvel, Clarity) soybeans, as well as plots showing potential drift and volatilization issues.
  • Product Lineup: See the new and existing 10620557_10152734015067138_4010275142941059039_nLatham® brand products we’re offering for 2016 planting. Corn hybrids on display range from 92- to 113-day maturities; they can be viewed at both the Stress Wheel Demo and the Corn Product Showcase. Soybeans on display range from 1.3 maturity to 3.2 and will cover Genuity® Roundup® Ready 2 Yield® products, as well as LibertyLink®. Latham’s tremendous group of alfalfa products will also be shown that day for farmers interested in the very best quality hay for dairy or beef cattle.
  • Forage Showcase / Silage and Nutrient Studies / Population and Row Spacing Demos: Besides being one of the greatest alfalfa specialists in the Upper Midwest, Latham Forage Product Manager Corey Catt is also one of the very best corn silage and nutrition experts in the field. Join Corey as he walks through his studies on forages, nutrition and seed management.

Latham® brand products are selected for their yield potential, as well as for their ability to overcome specific regional challenges. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ alfalfa lineup was chosen to address specific needs like high-salt soils or leaf-hopper resistance. Be sure to take a close look at our LibertyLink® and IRONCLADTM soybeans. Latham soybean customers this spring planted a record number of LibertyLink soybeans with good reason.

IronClad is your best defense against Iron Deficiency Chlorosis that plagued high pH soils this season especially in North Iowa and southern Minnesota. Our Gladiator Corn Hybrids are selected to do yield better in corn-on-corn situations.

Why does Latham’s 2016 product lineup matter to you? It’s all about protecting yield and harvesting more bushels! You might not know that Latham won more 2014 F.I.R.S.T. Trials in our footprint than any other company.

Come to Alexander on August 28 and see what Latham products you want to include in your 2016 crop plan!