Let’s Celebrate Pollinator Week!

This is a special week for supporting pollinator health. Latham Seeds accepted the White House Garden Challenge back in 2015 to increase pollinator habitats in urban, suburban and rural areas.

Pollinator Week 2023

These 22 organizations have formed the National Pollinator Garden Network that is promoting the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Every American can join the cause simply by planting pollinator habitat, from window boxes to patio containers to home gardens, to city parks and roadside prairies to acres of meadows.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is pleased to be a part of a positive initiative that is seeking to increase pollinator habitat in urban, suburban and rural areas. Even though these pollinators are small, they play a valuable role in the gardens!

Attract pollinators by planting specific flowers to draw in birds, bees and butterflies. There are two main essentials for attracting birds and keeping them in your backyard: (1) an environment that is attractive to insects, which is a main food source for birds; and (2) cover, which is a place for them to live and build nests.

Similar actions can be taken to attract butterflies and bees. Know the 3 P’s to plant a pollinator-friendly garden: Plan, Plant & Provide. There are various phone apps and planting guides available to help narrow the search of which plants to use in your garden based upon regional needs; such as soil, amount of sunlight, preferred type of pollinators and flower color. Remember, you can always alter the type of plant you grow, but you can’t change the soil type or sunlight, so check out the guides to ensure success in your garden.

Become a part of the buzz and start planning a pollinator friendly garden! This can be a great family activity as well as an effective way to reach out to your community. Happy National Pollinators Week!