Wishing for Rainfall

Erger Corn Plot

The weather continues to be very good for crop development across Iowa with 77 percent of corn and 74 percent of soybeans in good to excellent condition. “Much of the state could use a shower,” said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey, “especially to help the soybeans as they set and fill pods during August.” Several areas throughout Latham Country, especially in the north, report crops are showing signs of moisture stress.

July makes corn and August makes soybeans, as the saying goes, blogs Mark Licht with ISU Extension and Outreach. Regional and state yield estimates will soon be released based of ground surveys. Click on this link for soybean yield and corn yield estimation considerations.

To see how crops are faring in a particular region across Latham’s six-state marketing area, check out TheFieldPosition.com where you’ll find regional “From the Field” reports:  http://bit.ly/1mXS9RY