#plant14 Wraps Up in the West but has Yet to Begin in Parts of the North

This spring has certainly a challenge, especially for farmers across North Central and Northeast Iowa and into Minnesota and the Dakotas. However, there’s no need for farmers to jump the gun and switch corn maturities now or even make the switch from corn to soybeans.

Remember, we’re still within the optimal window of yield for another 7 to 10 days. Most farmers only needs 2 to 3 good days to finish planting corn. If the sun shines and farmers return to the field as expected this weekend, much ground will be covered in a few days.

We don’t start losing significant yield on corn through the end of May, so continue to practice patience. At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we’re just as eager to get our #crop14 into the ground. This season is definitely testing our patience, too. We’re taking our own advice by working our crop plan and avoiding the temptation to rush into unfit fields. We know nothing good comes from planting in soils that are too wet. Bring on the sun!