Spring Sampling Can Help Lay the “Grid Work” for 2015 Crop Planning

SoilTestAs you begin planting this year’s crop, you’re literally laying the groundwork for the following year. With tighter margins and high fertilizer costs, the need for better placement and utilization of fertilizer is greater than ever. Spring grid sampling can help you get a jump on planning your fertilizer for the season and 2015 seed needs.

Spring Grid Sampling is offered as a component of Latham’s Seed-2-Soil program This program is designed to bring added value to each farmer customer by providing field by field prescriptions using information about: soil types within the field, hybrid variety selection, tillage practices, fertility levels and more, with special consideration for the seed technology and equipment you are using.

For those farmers utilizing variable rate technology, soil test values can help set the stage for  implementing variable rate planting, fertilizer and nitrogen; all tools available in our Seed-2-Soil Nutrient Management program.  Learning blocks are assigned throughout the field based on the management zones that were uncovered by the sample data (high, medium and low).  These zones provide the foundation for writing variable rate planting, fertilizer and nitrogen prescriptions accounting for the variability in each field.

ROI is something we can measure. During the past five years, Seed-2-Soil Nutrient Management clients have seen great results from the specialized Nitrogen program.  Many have been able to reduce their nitrogen rates by 25 to 30 pounds per acre while maintaining, and in some cases, increasing yields.

Taking soil samples post-planting can be an important step in your planning process. Contact a Latham representative to learn how Latham’s hallmark Seed-2-Soil® Program, can help you lay the grid work for the coming season.