10 Gift Ideas for Farmers for under $40

Multimedia Editor for Agriculture.com at Meredith Corporation

excerpted with permission from “Get Shopping for your Farmer” by Jeff Caldwell, Multimedia Editor for Agriculture.com and “Successful Farming” magazine
© Meredith Corporation 2012

The running joke by men in our family is, “I wonder how many black socks or jackknives I’ll unwrap this year.”  It can be a struggle to find something for the farmer on your Christmas list, especially when so many items they want or need come at a hefty price.

Thanks to the editors at Agriculture.com and Successful Farming magazine, however, this year I have 10 affordable ideas for every male family member on my list.  Both of my nephews are new home owners, so several of the items listed below will be handy for them.  I’ll bet my brother could use the Stor-a-Hitch.  There are even a few items I’m going to add to my Wish List, like the Jab Saw, which would come in handy at my Enchanted Acres Pumpkin Patch.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for something to give or receive, below is a list of this year’s hot gift ideas.  Even better, every item is priced between $4 and $40!

1. Hyde Metal Can Pour & Roll

Pour spout attaches to one-gallon paint can to avoid spills when pouring paint. Also acts as a brush wipe. Plastic grid attaches to rim for painting with a 4-inch roller right from the can. Grid has two positions for use with full and partially used cans. Price is $4.

2. Painter’s Halo

This economical product easily presses into the can rim and completely fills the recess, keeping it free of paint. It’s re-usable, long-lasting under normal use, and cleans with water or solvent. Available in quart ($4.99) and gallon ($8.99) sizes.

3. Reference Guides

The Weed, Disease and Bug and the Shop Reference Guides are the perfect size for the glove box and offer a wealth of information you can keep at your fingertips. Each book sells for $9.95.

4. Mixing Mate by Rockler

The Mixing Mate clamps onto a standard quart- or gallon-sized canister and a lid gasket provides a leak proof seal. The pouring spout has been spring-loaded to self-close and seal. The mixing paddle is designed in a shape similar to an auger so when you spin the handle it lifts the pigments that have settled to the bottom of the can. Price starts at $14.99.

5. Stor-A-Hitch

Store your two-inch trailer hitch ball mount when it’s not in use. It’s light-weight and can be hung up in the shop or attached to the bed of your pick up. Priced at $19.95, this device can hold most 3, 4, and 5 hitch ball mounts with varying shank lengths. And the inventor is already working on one for Class 1 and 2 hitches.

6. Extendable Flash Light

The EMF2 Extendable light is a telescoping, flex-necked light with three LED lights. It’s 6½ inches long in the tuck position and 21 inches long when extended. Also features a magnetic base and a pivoting mirror. Price is around $20.

7. Savage Folding Jab Saw

The Savage folding jab saw and utility knife combines a saw with a utility knife for added versatility. Works with any reciprocating saw blade. Blade locks in two cutting positions and folds for safe storage. Lock back utility knife locks when in the out position and must be released before closing. Comes with three blades and a belt case. Priced at $25.

8. Radiator Genie

The Radiator Genie is a 23-inch wand that can help you keep your radiator clear of debris. Fan head design allows it to fit into the engine’s cowl and between the fan blades. For $34.95 you get two wands – One hooks up to an air compressor hose; the other to a garden hose. Handle has adjustable pressure.

9. WD-40 Specialist Line

The WD-40 brand is extending its product line for the first time ever with a specialist line. The five products included in the line are Rust Release Penetrant spray ($7.69), Water resistant silicone lubricant ($7.69), Protective white lithium grease ($7.69), long-term corrosion inhibitor ($16.29) and Rust remover soak ($37.89).

10. Bolt Locks

Keep your tools and truck secure with Bolt Locks, which come in a variety of styles to lock trailers, equipment and more – all with your car or truck key. The 2-inch padlock is priced at $27.49. The 5/8-inch receiver lock priced at $38.99. The toolbox latch retrofit kit priced at $40.95.