Kinze Has ISOBUS Electronics Capability

guest blog post by Rhett Schildroth, Product Manager at Kinze Manufacturing

Kinze Has ISOBUS Electronics Capability
Plug and play operation with ISOBUS-equipped tractors

There is much confusion in the marketplace about the compatibility of monitor technology between tractors and planters of different brands. I’d like to offer some facts to farmers who have questions about compatibility.

Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. now has ISOBUS compatibility. This capability allows easy “plug and play” operation with any ISO-compatible tractor, including those sold by John Deere with GreenStarDisplays. With this interconnectivity, farmers do not have to change monitors, displays, wiring harnesses, or electrical connectors with different implements.

ISO monitor

from different manufacturers. The vehicle and equipment electronics speak the same language, enabling simpler operation than ever before. With ISO compatibility, one monitor in the tractor cab can run both the planter and the tractor, saving room in the cab and money on a second monitor, not to mention the time it takes to install a second monitor.

Kinze’s technology means any ISOBUS-equipped tractor can be quickly connected to our planters using the ISOBUS standard tractor/implement connectors. The user interface presented to the operator is the same, regardless of the brand of tractor or virtual terminal. Additionally, all planter settings are saved on the planter, so switching between tractors becomes a non-issue.

This technology will make life easier for farmers. We understand the importance of enabling efficiency, and ISO-compatibility will make a difference in giving more time back to farmers.  We understand that electronics can be confusing, and ISO-compatibility will simplify vehicle and implement electronics.

To find out more about this issue, please attend my presentation on Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Latham Country Fair.

About the author:

Rhett has been in the ag equipment industry for almost twenty years. A graduate of Iowa State University, he started his ag career as an engineering consultant with clientele that included CNH and John Deere. He joined John Deere fulltime in 1998 to help them grow their precision farming group. In 2006, Rhett left John Deere to join Topcon Positioning as their Director of Ag Engineering. Topcon is a provider of ag electronics to many large ag equipment manufacturers, including AGCO.

Rhett Schildroth is currently the Product Manager at Kinze Manufacturing. In this role, he works closely with the Kinze management team to determine how Kinze products should evolve to meet the changing needs of farmers both in America and across the globe. As part of this work, he also leads the autonomous tractor project at Kinze.