Hoiboar “Brings Home the Bacon” for Charity

I was attending a 4-H Meet and Greet in Hampton Last Thursday evening when Franklin County native Paul Kruse asked me, “So have you heard about our big pig?”  His son, Harrison, flashed a grin as the duo told me their pig tale.

And what a great tale it is!  Paul and Harrison are two of the Iowa State fans, who have invested in Fred Hoiboar.  (Yes, it’s intentional that this big boar’s name sounds remarkably close to the name of ISU Men’s Basketball Head Coach Fred Hoiberg.)

Fred Hoiboar, the 1,000+ pound Hampshire, is eating 25 pounds of feed daily.  With an average daily gain of 2 pounds, Hoiboar is on track to bust the Biggest Boar record at the 2012 Iowa State Fair.

He’s also one high-tech Hampshire!  Hoiboar has his own website and Facebook page.  You can #FollowFred on Twitter and view more pics in an online album:

(@FredHoiboar) I posted 25 photos on Facebook in the album “Media Day with KCCIfb.me/1iJykzLSc

Fred Hoiboar has his own commemorative T-shirt.  Fans can purchase their very own “Bring Home the Bacon” T-shirt.  Profits from T-shirts sales benefit the non-profit organization Camp Adayin, which allows children with heart disease to attend summer camp.  Since heart disease ended Fred Hoiberg’s NBA career, it’s only fitting that his namesake would help raise funds for Camp Odayin.

Join the cause today!  Buy a T-shirt and then mark your calendar for Aug. 9.  Fred Hoiboar will be weighed-in on the first day of the Iowa State Fair, and you can take part in a very special Meet & Greet.  Stay tuned to fredhoiboar.com for more details.

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