Latham Hi-Tech Equals High-Quality Alfalfa

The demand for hay is high, and the prices being offered for top-quality forage are making farmers sit up and take notice. Quite a few fields will be planted to alfalfa in the next few weeks. That’s why Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is making three of the very best alfalfa brands available.  Following is a short summary of each.

LH9100 Prolific II:  This alfalfa features a superior branch-root structure, which is located high in the soil zone above the water table. A high water table often severely damages or kills tap roots of traditional varieties, exposing those plants to disease or winterkill. The distribution of roots closer to the soil surface, however, increases the plant’s ability to better uptake nutrients. It also allows LH9100 to be an exceptional performer for hay producers under most soil conditions and especially in poorly drained soils. LH9100 carries an exceptional disease package. It’s highly resistant to most major pathogens, including Aphanomyces Root Rot (races 1 and 2). This new Latham® variety allows for very good alfalfa in more areas that previously were not even considered for hay production.

LH9600HY:  This product is the next generation of branch-rooted hybrid alfalfas with the msSuntra technology. It’s characterized by aggressive re-growth, high quality and high yields. LH9600 is a fine-stemmed product with a similar disease package to LH9100 Prolific II. An added benefit is that LH9600 is also highly resistant to stem nematodes and Northern Root Knot nematodes. It also features excellent drought tolerance and a very high leaf-to-stem ratio.

AmeriStand 405T RR:  Our first Roundup-Ready® alfalfa, this product is a high-yielding, Traffic-Tested™ brand that carries high resistance to seven major yield-robbing pests. Supplied to us by America’s Alfalfa, this is an excellent choice to maximize yield and profitability while reaping the benefits of the Genuity® Roundup-Ready weed control system. It’s ideally suited for those areas where stand establishment can be a challenge due to tough-to-control weeds. Keep in mind that once a stand is established, it’s always best to rotate your use of herbicides to help prevent weeds from building resistance to glyphosate-based products.

For additional information on pricing and product placement, contact me or your Latham Regional Sales Manager. Have a great spring!