Kicking Off National Ag Week


It’s official…  National Ag Day will be celebrated Thursday, March 8!

NOW, THEREFORE, in recognition of the preeminent role that agriculture plays in the daily life of every American, in acknowledgment of the future progress and prosperity of the Nation’s economy, and in appreciation of farmers and ranchers across the Nation, I, Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture, do hereby proclaim March 8, 2012, as National Agriculture Day.

 Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is kicking off its National Ag Week celebration today by sharing a recipe for Breakfast Casserole.  Why breakfast casserole?  For starters, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  This recipe is an especially tribute to the American farmer as it contains something from nearly every major food group.  Toss in some green peppers or pair this casserole with a serving of grapefruit and you’ve got a balanced meal in a matter of minutes.  This recipe is so easy that you could even host your own Ag Day Breakfast.

Our celebration continues on Monday when we host our first Facebook contest with ag trivia.  Facebook friends, who post responses, will be entered into a drawing for food and ethanol gift certificates.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page each day next week for your chance to win!

Through our blog posts and Facebook updates, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds can helps Americans understand the value of agriculture to each and every citizen.  How can you help celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture?