LinkUp with Latham Hi-Tech Seeds

Weed resistance is a growing problem for farmers in the Upper Midwest.  From Giant Ragweed and Waterhemp, to Giant Marestail and Johnsongrass, we all need to do our part to help keep resistant weeds in check.

Many growers are getting ahead of the game by integrating a herbicide rotation into their long-term crop plans.  To provide growers with an alternative, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers several soybean products with the LibertyLink® trait:

  • L1773L – New LibertyLink® soybean with exceptional yield and very good defensive traits.
  • L2058L – Solid SCN line with a good defensive package.
  • L2383L – Tall plant with very good stress tolerance.  Plant it on those tougher soils.
  • L2686L – Medium, bush-type plant with excellent tolerance to White Mold and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS).
  • L2987L –Fairly tall, bushier soybean line with excellent SDS and stress tolerance.
  • L3287L – Very tall plant with good tolerance to White Mold and SDS.

Here’s a video feature on our LibertyLink lineup from Latham Product Manager Mark Grundmeier.


It really does pay to “link up” with LibertyLink® soybeans from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds.  Growers who order a minimum of 250 acres worth of LibertyLink® soybeans from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds are eligible to receive a $2/acre* rebate from Bayer Crop Science.  NOTE:  Seed must be ordered before February 1, 2012. (*Based on seeding rates of 1 acre/unit of soybean seed.)

Contact your Latham representative for more information on this offer and LibertyLink® soybean options from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds.