“Refuge Made Simple” by Latham

For years, the word “refuge” could bring on an unwelcome headache to corn growers. Determining how many units of a refuge hybrid were needed and in which configuration to plant them was confusing.  Now Latham’s Refuge in a Bag (RIB) is making the complex world of refuge simple.

The RIB concept involves mixing refuge seed with both the corn borer and rootworm insect protected corn seed, so growers have everything they need to be refuge compliant in just one bag.  Growers are no longer required to weigh adjacent versus in-field configurations; they can simply open the bag and pour.

At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, growers will be able to purchase the first single-bag RIB solution for the 2012 season: Genuity® SmartStax® RIB Complete™ Corn, a blend of 95% traited seed and 5% refuge seed.  When growers begin looking to plant RIB products, it’s important to remember that yield comes first.  Growers shouldn’t have to plant a product that may have yield drag in order to receive all of the other great benefits that come with RIB.  We’ve found 5% products provide the simplicity wanted without sacrificing yield.  Be aware, however, not all RIB products are created equal.

Whether you’re making decisions on traits and genetics or weighing RIB products, the focus should remain on what will always be most important.  Genetics make yield; traits protect yield.
At the end of the day, the product needs to be the right fit for a grower’s farm.

For more tips on selecting the right seed for your situation, visit www.thefieldposition.com.