Management Options for Previously Flooded Soils

Farmers generally put away their harvesting equipment and complete fall tillage, and then turn their attention to planning for the next growing season.  Late fall is typically when most farmers plan what they’ll plant and where.  However, extra consideration needs to be given to farmland was flooded in 2011 before the spring 2012 planting season begins.

Iowa State University’s Mahdi Al-Kaisi, in the November 7th issue of Integrated Crop Management News, offers management considerations for farmers whose soils were affected by the Floods of 2011.

“Farmland in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska affected by flooding early this year and not planted to any crop has potential economic and soil environmental consequences if the soils are left unattended,” writes Dr. Al-Kaisi.  “Long-term damage to soil in areas of significant flooding need to be considered when planning for next season’s crop.”

Al-Kaisi says these aspects should particularly be managed for previously flooded soil:

  • Land Leveling and Sand Cleaning
  • Soil Testing
  • Cover Crop

For more information about each of these management aspects, click here to download Al-Kaisi’s entire article on “Management Considerations for Post Flooding Soils.