Management Options for Corn Nematodes

Corn nematodes are not new, but there has been renewed interest in this pest among Midwest corn growers.  Changes in production practices, including reduced usage of soil insecticides and increased continuous corn acres, most likely are causing corn nematode damage to become more prevalent in recent years.

“Crop rotation isn’t an effective form of management as corn nematodes also feed on soybeans and grasses,” said Dr. Greg Tylka on Sept. 16 to a group of Latham dealers and growers.  “A new management option is using a seed treatment that moves onto the roots to provide early season protection against nematode feeding.”

One seed treatment option offered on several Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids is Poncho®/VOTiVO™.  Poncho / VOTiVO provides superior seed-borne disease control, insect control and corn nematode control.  It combines the most trusted seed-applied insecticide in corn with the most revolutionary, complete nematode protection on the seed. This dual protection results in improved plant vigor, which results in a more uniform crop and consistently higher yields.

When making your 2012 seed purchasing decisions, consider purchasing Latham Hi-Tech Hybrids with Poncho/VOTiVO:
LH 4222 RR
LH 4227 VT2 PRO
LH 4539 SS
LH 4562 RR
LH 4568 VT3 PRO
LH 4792 RR
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