Manage Aphids to Protect Soybean Yields

Soybean fields are entering the critical reproductive stages and yields hang in the balance.  While there are several yield-determining factors that are beyond a farmer’s control, insect pressure can often be managed.

Now is the time to intensify your soybean scouting efforts, advises Iowa State University Extension Entomologist Erin Hodgson.  Scout every field right now to see if there is any type of pressure, and keep a watchful eye to see if conditions warrant treatment.  We could see outbreaks in late July or early August.

With the predicted market value of soybeans so high, farmers may be tempted to spray aphids at low populations.  ISU recommends a threshold of 250 aphids per plant, although some agri-businesses are suggesting that aphids be sprayed when populations are lower. Click here and listen to Hodgson discuss whether research confirms the value of such lower thresholds. In this podcast, she also discusses whether it makes a difference to spray with generic or labeled compounds.