The Time is Right to Grid Sample

Peter Bixel, Seed2Soil powered by Sci Max representative

It all starts with the soil, whether you’re growing grain or vegetables.  Knowing what the soil is capable of is very important to reach your field’s yield potential and to make the best use of inputs.

Learn how to better place fertilizer and to better time fertilizer applications with information gleaned from Latham’s hallmark Seed2Soil® program, powered by SciMax. Grid sampling takes your soil sample data and your yield data to the next level. We highly recommend 2.5 acre grids for our grid sampling protocol.

 A great time to have your acres grid sampled is right after planting. Soil sample data gathered this spring could help you adjust the timing of your fertilizer applications during the growing season, plus it will leave you with one less thing to worry about while you’re in the combine next fall.  After finding out what the soil test results are, you can start planning for the next crop and have it in place by September.

 We’re able to use actual yield data for crop removal values, soil sample test values, and management zones for recommendations. We can also use Learning Blocks to measure the most economic return on your investment. A learning block is put within an area with a high or low rate of nutrients. We can also help you determine the correct amount of nitrogen for your field through our variable rate Nitrogen program which has its own trade secret.

The benefits of grid sampling far out-weigh the costs. In fact, when managed properly, grid sampling can make you money by increasing yield and identifying areas where you can push plant populations. Learn more about grid soil sampling by contacting trusted experts at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds