It's March: Time to Pick Your Strongest Players

Morehead State beat Louisville.  Richmond beat Vanderbilt.  Virginia Commonwealth beat Georgetown.  There’s nothing like March Madness! The first weekend of tournament play is one of my favorites because there are so many upsets, near upsets and buzzer beaters.  Inevitably, a Cinderella team upsets a highly ranked Goliath team.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds knows what it feels like to be positioned against a Goliath.  And just like many of these basketball teams, we’re prepared to do battle.  The 2011 acreage battle is expected to intensify through spring, but our starting soybean lineup is ready to play as acres become available.

Our team captain and power forward is Latham 2440R2, which was the top yielding bean in its maturity across the entire industry in 2010!  When head-to-head with Y-series beans, Latham 2440R2 beat 92Y30 by 8.2 bushels per acre (bu/A) across 21 research locations in 2010.  It shoots a high percentage, winning 69% of the time in Latham’s own yield trials last year across Wisconsin, Iowa, and South Dakota.  Latham 2182R2 is the defensive stopper – great against major diseases – that every team needs at the “wing forward” to win.

Our “big man” is Latham 2885R2.  This “center” was one of the highest yielders in Latham’s internal 2010 research trials.  Medium tall with good stress tolerance, L2885R2 scores high against Phytophthora, white mold, and SCN tolerances.  The guards on our team on Latham 1985R2 and Latham 2084R2.  These two provide the speed out of the ground, yield potential and defensive characteristics, like excellent resistance to Iron Chlorosis and Cyst Nematode, that our customers need to win.

Make sure your planting top scorers this spring.  Call on Latham, the soybean team with nearly 65 years of proven product performance.  We’d love the chance to put a winning team in place for you!