Power-Packed Breakfast is Key for Power Shopping!

As soon as we’ve washed the dishes and refrigerated the leftovers, my aunts, cousins and I will break out the Black Friday ads!  There will be newspapers from the two nearest trade centers, and we’ll swap sections until we’ve reviewed, analyzed and compared every price.  We’ll share what’s on our kids’ wish lists and drop hints about what we’d really like someone to buy for us.  Of course, we’ll have to decide the order of stores we’ll visit since they open at different times; it’s imperative that we strategically plan how to get to each store in time to get the best buys.

Another key to a productive shopping day is eating a high energy, power-packed breakfast.  High energy is practically synonymous with high protein, low sugar food.  Make use of left-over Thanksgiving dinner by cooking up an egg white omelet with turkey, cheese and mushrooms. (Omelets are super quick and easy, so you can get to the mall sooner!)  Another quick and easy idea is to top off a bowl of instant, high-fiber oatmeal with cranberries.  Complex carbohydrates like this provide your body with much needed morning fuel without causing rapid shifts in insulin levels like simple carbohydrates do, according to eHow’s “How to Eat a High Energy Breakfast.”

Honestly, I’ll probably eat breakfast on the run this Friday.  I’ll most likely grab a protein bar and a cup of vanilla-flavored coffee on my way out the door.  Then I’ll eat a handful of smoked almonds around 10 a.m. as I’m driving between stores.  Black Friday is all about optimization, Baby!

What tops your Black Friday shopping list?