Superstars Shine in Soybean Super Strip Plots

Most test plots and research trials have been harvested, and as a result, some Latham® superstars are beginning to shine.  Latham genetics, combined with the Genuity® Roundup Ready to Yield™ Soybeans (RR2Y) technology, is proving to be a winning combination this season.  Following are some early results we’d like to share.

In Group I, Latham Hi-Tech Soybeans L1985R2 topped a plot near Cylinder, Iowa. It was the earliest soybean brand in the plot and yielded 61.3 bushels per acre (bu/A). In Early Group II soybeans, the following showed tremendous results: L2082R, L2084R2 and L2182R2. Latham L2082R topped a plot near Deerfield, Wisc., with 80.1 bu/A and also took first place in Woden, Iowa, with 67.2 bu/A. Latham L2084R2 took top honors in the following plots: Oconomowoc, Wisc., at 71.4 bu/A; Lakota, Iowa, at 66.6 bu/A; Geneva, Iowa, at 67.9 bu/A; and Greene, Iowa, at 57.6 bu/A.

In Mid-Group II soybeans, Latham L2440R2 has been outstanding! It has consistently been at the top of plots all across Latham country including: Corwith, Iowa, at 64.7 bu/A; Britt, Iowa, at 71.1; Colo, Iowa, at 65.8 bu/A; Steen, Minn. at 64.9 bu/A; Floyd, Iowa, at 69.0 bu/A; Fort Dodge, Iowa, at 72.8 bu/A; Galva, Iowa, at 67.6 bu/A; and Humboldt, Iowa, at 60.8 bu/A. Two other soybean newcomers to watch are Latham L2560R, which topped the plot near Stanwood, Iowa, with 72.8 bu/A, and L2648R2 which placed first near Adel, Iowa, with a yield of 72.9 bu/A.