Broadcasting live from the cab for "The Big Show"

With the sun shining warmly upon our faces and a gentle breeze blowing on our backs, John and I enjoyed a beautiful fall day while harvesting soybeans yesterday in south central Iowa near Adel with Latham® dealer Nick Dawes.  Black Baldy cattle were contentedly grazing in the rolling pasture on the farmstead, and I was wondering how life could get any better than this.

Then Nick graciously let 1040 WHO Radio’s Bob Quinn ride with him in the combine, and we saw just how much better the day could get!

Reports for “The Big Show” were broadcast live from the cab beginning at 11:30 a.m.  New blue-tooth technology allowed Bob to do live harvest reports with clarity.  Thankfully, there was great news to report yesterday since Bob was giving a play-by-play on what the yield monitor was showing.  The yield monitor consistently showed mid- to high 70s.

Even with a wet spot in field, Nick’s whole farm yield average was 73 bushels over 142 acres.  In spite of receiving nearly double the rainfall amount and overcast skies for a stretch in August plus other challenges throughout the 2010 growing season, Nick said Latham® 2948R2 produced some of the best yields he’s had in the past 10 years.  Latham genetics, combined with Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM technology, proved to be a winning combination.

A special thank you to Latham dealer Nick Dawes and Latham regional sales manager, Travis Slusher, for their help yesterday!