Seed2Soil: Precision Agriculture at its Best

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ Seed2Soil® program helps farmers take precision ag to the next level by planning for variability in their fields. Seed2Soil organizes GPS data and then generates user-friendly information that will allow growers to make better informed decisions and lead to increased overall profitability.

Peter Bixel, Seed2Soil Specialist, and Tom Larson, Latham RSM, discuss how Seed2Soil can help growers make better decisions for hybrid/variety placement that can lead to increased profitability.

The Top Performers Report is a tool that uses real-world fields to select what corn hybrids or soybean varieties will work best on each farmer’s field. A Top Ten report allows farmers to see agronomic trends that can be hidden when looking at printed maps. These reports also help farmers see a correlation between yield and factors like planting speed, CSR rating, organic matter, potassium, magnesium and soil type.

Farmers interested in a Seed2Soil membership must have: GPS yield monitor data, grid soil samples, variety/hybrid information, and basic fertilizer and chemical application records. Membership has several benefits including one-one-one meetings for fertilizer planning, variety placement and VRT planting. For more information, contact Mark Grundmeier at 641-692-3258.