Keep an eye out for Aphids, SDS and White Mold


A recent e-newsletter from the Iowa Soybean Association reminds growers it’s time to begin monitoring fields for soybean aphids and diseases. As you saw in our recent crop report, there have been reports of aphids in Northeast Iowa, but those numbers remain low (about 5% as of July 21). Although aphid numbers may grow in the next two weeks, the impact of the state’s excessive moisture on these numbers remains to be seen.


Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) may begin showing up in fields early to mid-August, which is two weeks earlier than normal as a result of the wet soil conditions experienced after planting.

Early symptoms of SDS appear on apparently healthy plants in patches within a field. Scout fields with high-yield potential closely; symptoms will first appear in areas with high moisture. The first symptoms of SDS are interveinal chlorotic (yellow) blotches that progress to large irregular patches. The vein tissue remains green.

White Mold

While it’s a little early for white mold symptoms, according to the article, there’s little doubt white mold will prove a highly problematic for fields again this year. Symptoms will begin showing up after pod set.

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