Weather Hits Hard Close to Home

Wednesday afternoon, storms hit hard in Franklin County. Here’s a recap and some photos of the main event from our own Chris Latham.don-and-marilyns-yard-2

We spent a good part of the afternoon in the basement as funnel clouds and strong winds passed over the seed plant. Several fields have downed corn, but the seed plant fared well considering the winds.

One main tree came down in the front lawn and quite a few branches from other trees. An auger was flipped over and the door on the South Warehouse blew in. The top of one of the bins along the west side of the property was ripped open.


Don and Marilyn Latham reported the most damage at their property. Two bins were completely destroyed and the barn also showed quite a bit of damage. The power was off for around an hour, but this wasn’t close to the damage faced in neighboring Hampton, Iowa and Coulter, Iowa where the funnel cloud actually touched down.

Here is a photo of the bins at Don and Marilyn Latham’s farm.don-and-marilyns-yard-3