What’s Your “What If” Plan?

FS4JK-logoSubmitted by Tracy Schlater
Marketing Director, 
Farm Safety For Just Kids

September 16-22 is National Farm Safety and Health Week, which provides a great opportunity to talk with your family members and employees about what should be done if the “unthinkable” happens on your farm.

Every farm needs a “what if” plan that outline expectations and a protocol for people to follow should something go wrong. Here are a few tips to develop such a plan:

  • Establish a check-in procedure for workers in remote areas.
  • Have an up-to-date layout of your farm, including locations of any potential hazard to serve as a resource for first responders.
  • Train your family and employees on CPR and first aid.
  • Put address markers at field drives to help first responders find you.
  • Include the address of each field and farm site in every driveable piece of machinery, along with emergency phone numbers.

All family members, including children, can play a big role in knowing what to do in a rescue situation. By working together with your local emergency agencies, your neighbors, family members and farm employees, you can assure the best chance of survival and recovery from farm tragedies.