Goss’ Wilt Reported in 43 Iowa Counties

Warm, wet conditions during the 2010 growing season created a favorable environment for several corn diseases, including Goss’ Wilt.  While this disease has historically been more of a problem in Colorado and western Nebraska, this year Goss’ Wilt was reported in 43 Iowa counties.

Iowa State University Extension Plant Pathologist Alison Robertson says unusual corn diseases, like Goss’s Wilt, are trending in Iowa. 

“The only way we currently have to protect crops against Goss’ Wilt is through hybrid selection,” says Latham Corn Product Specialist Nick Benson.  “Remember that traits protect yield, so some of today’s traited hybrids have been bred to offer great defensive packages.”

These Latham hybrids have exceptional ratings for Goss’ Wilt:

LH 4943 3000GT = 2 rating    (also LH 4940)

LH 5266 3000GT = 1  (also LH 5262 GT)

LH 5494 3000GT = 1  (also LH 5492 GT, LH 5493 GTCBLL)

LH 5877 VT3Pro = 2

LH 6068 VT3 = 1

LH 6202 3000GT = 2

LH 6448 VT3 = 2   

For more hybrid product information, contact Nick Benson at nickb@lathamseeds.com or call 1-877-GO-LATHAM (465.2842).