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Sowing Seeds of Hope

Everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by cancer, and together we can provide HOPE for the future.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is taking cancer on one unit at a time. For every unit of LH 3937 VT2 PRO, LH 5377 VT2 PRO and LH 6477 VT2 PRO sold, Latham Seeds will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society.

About Sowing Seeds of Hope

The Latham family is very passionate about cancer research and the services the American Cancer Society has to offer. Learn more about the Latham story and why this initiative is so near and dear to their hearts.


Seeds of Hope

To celebrate our 75th anniversary, our goal is to raise $75K!

We’re on our way! Please consider contributing towards our goal today.

Help us meet our goal

How you can get involved.

Buy Latham Hi-Tech Seed Corn

For every unit of LH 3937 VT2 PRO, LH 5377 VT2 PRO RIB and LH 6477 VT2 PRO RIB sold, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds will donate $1 to the American Cancer Society.

Make a donation

Our goal is to raise 75k for our 75 years of doing business. To have your contribution count towards the goal, make your donation payable to the American Cancer Society and mail to Latham Seeds office 131 180th St., Alexander, IA 50420.

Get involved locally

Find local events near you or create a Latham Hi-Tech Seeds team to rally around the search for cancer.

Stories of Strength

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds has supported the American Cancer Society for many years. Read these amazing stories on The Field Position.

Coming Back from Childhood Cancer, One Step at a Time

Watching their daughter win grand champion bucket calf at the 2021 O’Brien County Fair brought tears of joy to Jerry and Sara Hofman’s face. They had their eye on the prize, but their joy didn’t stem from ribbons or trophies.

Jade’s Story

Breaking Cancer’s Silence

Your mom has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. When I heard those three words – inflammatory breast cancer – it was almost as if her doctors were speaking a foreign language.

Ann’s Story

Pumpkin Fundraiser Plants a Seed for Ronald McDonald Donation

As a young boy growing up on 4-C-Sons Dairy near Maiden Rock, Wisconsin, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Forage Products Manager Corey Catt developed an interest in how nutrition affected the animals in his care. He also was committed to making a difference in his community and the world around him.

Corey’s Story

Not All Heroes Wear Capes… Some Donate Life-Saving Organs

It runs in the family. Marianne (Squires) Nielsen of Greene, Iowa, is as good of a cook as her mother. They share the same color of hair and eyes. Marianne also inherited her mother’s Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Marianne’s Story

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