5 “Fast” Foods to Feed Football Fans

One of my friends commented how she wished she had the knack for throwing parties. She said she finds hosting people in her home intimidating because she’s not the world’s best cook and she doesn’t own any fancy serving dishes. So… her comment inspired this blog post!

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to set a table that looks like it’s straight from the pages of Better Homes and Gardens or create meals that are Pinterest-worthy? When someone invites me over, I couldn’t care less if they serve me a frozen pizza or bake a calzone from scratch. I’m just thrilled with any invitation to get together with friends. Plus, it’s a bonus when I don’t have to fix a meal or do any dishes. What about you?

That’s why this Super Bowl I’m keeping the menu simple. I’m going to focus more on being a hostess rather than being a caterer. I hope “5 Fast Foods to Feed Football Fans” grabs your attention and inspires you, too.

Here are five recipes that can literally be made in minutes:

  1. Bacon Wrapped Smokies Blanketed in Brown Sugar & Butter – put a new twist on a tried and true crowd favorite with three variations of the same recipe. One version is spicy; one is sweet; and one is traditional.
  2. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  3. Queso and Chips
  4. Toffee Apple Dip and Apples
  5. Jalapeno Meatballs – see recipe below

These recipes are all about minimizing your time in the kitchen and maximizing your time in front of the big screen with family or friends. Enjoy the game!

P.S. If you do enjoy taking the time to prepare a feast and set fancy table, check out our Pinterest page for ideas. The following #vintage posts also provide you with more menu options from appetizers and entrees to desserts.

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Jalapeno Meatballs


32 oz. bag of frozen meatballs

1 jar of jalapenos

1 large can of Cream of Mushroom soup


  1. Put meatballs in crock pot.
  2. Mix can of Cream of Mushroom Soup with a (drained) jar of jalapenos; pour over meatballs
  3. Heat and serve!


If you don’t want to mess with making homemade meatballs, there’s no shame in picking up already premade, pre-cooked meatballs in the frozen food aisle. Then you’ll have this appetizer done in 3 quick steps!