Scrambling to Prep for Super Bowl Sunday?

It feels like we just gathered together to celebrate the New Year, yet January Soup Month ends today. While I’m trying to come to terms with how quickly the month has passed, most Americans have moved on to the next big thing… Super Bowl XLIX!

Scrambling like a quarterback about to get sacked, I sat down at my laptop this morning to come up with a game plan to help feed a crowd tomorrow! Fortunately, I didn’t have to search very long or hard to find recipes for Game Day Grub like dripping roast beef sandwiches or ideas to serve up a little Super Bowl-themed fun.

Below are links to some recipes that will help you keep it simple on Super Bowl Sunday, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time in front of the television watching top commercials like “Lost Dog.” As touching as this new #BestBuds spot is, nothing pulls at my heart strings like “So God Made a Farmer.”

If you’re in need of some last-minute ideas, check out Latham Seeds’ “Super Bowl” board on Pinterest. Below are a few Super Bowl recipes that our customers and ag friends have shared with us in the past:

Soup sounds like an ideal meal tomorrow for two reasons: (1) I can fix it ahead of time and forget about it until we’re ready to eat; and (2) there’s an 80% chance of snow. We may just need to warm up with Beer Cheese Soup!