Utilizing the power of partnership to maximize yield

Latham’s FieldXField process begins with a discussion about all the variables that go into your operation each year. Each field is considered on an individual basis, factoring all the important information the farmer holds with the product and performance information available from Latham. The outcome is a tailored report of product selections and placements focused on maximum performance in every field.


Define Fields: Consider each field according to characteristics including rotation, soil type, drainage, tile infrastructure and irrigation.
Add Management Details: Assess operational information for machinery used for fertilizer, planting, spraying and tillage.
Compile Data Compile data during the growing season including planting details, stand counts, maturity notes, spraying and fertilizer applications and more.
Fit Seed to Field: Select products based on characteristics that most closely match chemistry needs, maturity range, harvest timing, insect pressures, desired plant characteristics and refuge configurations.
Create Planting Plan: Automatically format a planting plan with seed products, treatments and planting recommendations included for each field.













Field X Field was designed to save farmers time and reduce risk while providing more accurate product selection and placement recommendations. Interested in a plan for your operation?

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