Gladiator™ Hybrids

Yield is often lost in continuous corn scenarios due to increased pressure from insects and disease, plus issues related to residue management and soil drainage. Farmers must manage continuous corn acres differently than corn following soybeans.Managing corn rootworm has become increasingly important as the number of corn-on-corn acres rises. University research data confirms the best results when dealing with high corn rootworm pressure is to use rootworm-traited genetics in addition to other strategies.GLADIATOR™ products combine the best genetics and traits (including a mandatory rootworm event) available in the market today to help farmers maximize yields from corn-on-corn acres. Products with single modes of action against rootworm are denoted with a “G” distinction. Products with dual modes of action against root worm are denoted with a “2G”. Each product goes through rigorous testing and evaluation by Latham’s team of regional corn experts before earning its designation as a Latham® GLADIATOR™ hybrid. Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON


Featuring 25 hybrid seed corn products with 6 different trait combinations for corn-on-corn management and/or rootworm control in various maturities. The following corn products have proven their ability to perform to the standards of a Latham® Gladiator™ Hybrid:

LH 3879 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 4249 SS
LH 4529 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 4859 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 5099 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 5109 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 5219 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 5495 3122
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 5509 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 5659 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 5779 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 5829 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 5939 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICON LH 6089 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 6159 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 6319 SS
Gladiator_2G SHIELD_ICONLH 6449 SS