Diversify Weed Management Tactics for Top Yields

Matt moore feature imageLatham Hi-Tech Seeds offers soybeans in four different herbicide trait technology packages: Enlist E3®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® (RR2 Xtend), XtendFlex® and LibertyLink® GT27™ (LLGT27). Our diverse lineup gives Upper Midwest farmers options when it comes to weed management.

Regardless of which herbicide technology you choose, there are key guidelines to manage weeds:

  1. – Start clean. Stay clean. Start with a clean field by controlling weeds prior to planting with pre-plant / pre-emerge herbicides. Keep fields clean by controlling any weed escapes throughout the season.
  2. – Target small weeds. Spray weeds, post-emergence, that are shorter than three inches. This is a best-management practice for combating herbicide resistance in weeds – no matter which herbicide program you use.
  3. – Optimize coverage. When we apply a low rate to control weeds that are taller than the labeled height, we are artificially selecting those weeds that have a tendency toward resistance. Help prevent weed resistance by using the right rate at the right time. Also read and follow the herbicide label pertaining to adjuvants, water volume and spray droplet size as it provides the best recipe for successful weed control.
  4. – Pair with multiple modes of action. Using multiple modes of action and including a residual herbicide in your post-emergence program will help limit herbicide-resistant weeds from developing.

Make weed management a top goal for 2023! We’re here to help.

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