Yield Results Confirm Importance of 2.5-Inch Planting Depth

Lyle no backgroundThank you to everyone who joined us in September for the Premier Agronomy Center grand opening / 75th anniversary celebration of Latham Seeds. In addition to showcasing our great soybean and corn lineup, our plots showed numerous agronomic challenges that farmers potentially face each growing season.

Findings from our planting depth studies continually prove that proper planting depth results in optimal performance of any corn hybrid. A video showing how a hybrid’s physical appearance varies by planting depth is available on Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ YouTube channel. 

In my November newsletter article, I wrote about the significant yield differences we have seen for three years while conducting planting depth studies. No two growing seasons are the same, but the one constant is that planting 2.5 inches deep results in the best performance. Here’s why:
• More uniform emergence due to higher percentage of seed planted at a depth with uniform moisture
• Better crown root development and improved season-long health of root system
• More tolerance to weather challenges like drought

Our planting date project was subjected to late planting as we experienced spring weather challenges. We achieved some very good yields with May planting dates. Data shared with Latham® dealers during our Post-Harvest Huddles in November showed that planting later than expected in 2022 still resulted in some outstanding yields.

A May 11 planting of LH 5487 VT2 PRO yielded 280.7 bushels per acres (bu/A), and a May 23 planting yielded 258.7 bu/A. Wow! Although a little yield was lost between these two dates, a yield of 258.7 is still great! We have been saying it pays to stick with your fuller-season hybrids and these two planting dates confirm it. Next season we plan to show much yield is lost when farmers switch too soon to a shorter-season hybrid.

Another take-home message from the Premier Agronomy Center is the importance of rotating technologies for rootworm protection. It’s important to focus SmartStax® PRO hybrids on acres with the highest pressure. You can literally see the difference in rootworm protection offered by SmartStax PRO, SmartStax and Agrisure® Duracade hybrids.

Latham’s Product Team looks forward to bringing you more great information from our Premier Agronomy Center in 2023. Make “visit Latham’s Premier Agronomy Center” one of your top 2023 business goals!

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