2022 Yield Results and the Stories They Tell

Corncob background

The 2022 season presented many variables for corn production. Planting was delayed in most areas, followed by wet cold soil conditions. The combination was ripe for disease infection. A hot, dry summer added additional stress, plus the eastern part of our sales footprint saw significant Tar Spot infestations.

Now is an opportune time to talk about what we experienced during the growing season and how we can use that information to make the best decisions for 2023. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds will host Post-Harvest Huddle meetings with our dealers later this month to share all the great performance data of the Latham® corn hybrids and insights on the growing season. Our discussion will include:

  • Information about two new Latham hybrids with the SmartStax® PRO trait. Both Latham Hybrids (LH) 5008 SSP and LH 5668 SSP are performing well in heavy rootworm pressure areas. We will continue to promote their use in the highest-pressure fields.
  • Latham’s LH 3937 VT2 PRO, LH 4937 VT2 PRO, LH 5245 VT2 PRO, LH 5847 VT2 PRO and LH 6477 VT2 PRO all have become key hybrids in our portfolio. We expect you also are seeing great success with these hybrids. We will talk about using hybrids to build a package for success.
  • We also will talk about what is potentially new for 2024 planting. We continue to be forward thinking on our product offering and look forward to sharing our vision with you.

If you have missed our F.I.R.S.T. Trial Results check them out here.

Thank you for your business in 2022! We hope you have had a safe, bountiful harvest. We look forward to helping you plan for a successful 2023 season. Talk with your local Latham seed representative to confirm your seed order soon as December 15 is another key deadline.