Latham’s Soybean Research Leads to Product Confidence

Soybeans harvestAs an independent seed company, we take great pride in providing options for our customers. The Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ soybean lineup is robust and diverse with varieties genetically suited for offensive, high-yield environments plus more defensive varieties for those tougher acres and environments. We have a strong lineup of both defensive and offensive soybeans throughout all maturity ranges.

We also have options when it comes to herbicide tolerant traits. Whether your weed control program counts on Enlist E3®, XtendFlex®, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® or LibertyLink® GT27®, we have it all!

With these choices and options, one might wonder how we determine which variety might work best in each field. The answer to that is research! It starts with Latham’s Elite Trial testing system that includes 40 locations throughout our trade territory for the 2022 growing season.

Elite trials are replicated and organized by maturity. They consist of varieties in our current lineup – a “proof of performance” concept – for products that have already earned their way into our bag. They also include more than 45 experimental varieties that must prove their way into our bag. This system allows us to gain a tremendous amount of yield data from every imaginable yield environment, simulating real-world situations that allow us to rate and score the characteristics of each variety. This allows us to have great confidence in where each variety should be planted.

Showcase Plots allow Latham® dealers to observe our soybeans in their local geography. Dealers can take notes throughout the growing season, as well as gain local yield information at harvest. Showcase plots allow us to fine-tune product placement in a very specific geography.

We also use F.I.R.S.T. Trials to put Latham brand soybeans against the competition. This independent testing program allows farmers to use regional, third-party yield data. This testing program has historically been very successful for Latham Seeds as we have a tremendous track record of trial wins and top finishes. Check out our #farmprovenresults series from John Latham, president, that highlights our wins!

Our Premier Agronomy Center in Alexander is full of exciting soybean research too. In addition to yield trials, we have studies on planting depth, planting population, soil health, fertility and more. We do this research with one goal in mind: To help you place the right soybean on the right acre.

Check out our results as they come in this harvest season.