Harvest Data Prepares Your Field-by-Field Plan for 2023

Lyle for product guide

Lyle Marcus, Corn Product Manager

Harvest provides the perfect opportunity to assess your fields and continue to work on your field-by-field crop plans. As you harvest your 2022 crops, you will see what worked (or did not work) in a given field. You have tools like Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ Data ForwardTM program to help collect information that is useful to making decisions. Even if you use another tool for mapping, you can use our Data Forward system to save all your information in one location.

Here are examples of information you can collect during harvest to help confirm your 2023 seed needs:

  • Diseases: 2022 brought lots of disease pressure in some areas. Record the diseases you see in each field. This is especially important on your corn-on-corn acres, but it also is important in your rotated acres. Committing to management practices and finding hybrids with tolerances can help you plan for the greatest success in 2023.
  • Weed Escapes: Document all weed escapes in fields that you intend to plant to corn in 2023. Use weed ID materials or Google to confirm, so you can document which weeds are giving you the most problems. This will aid in choosing the herbicide tolerance you may need. Most Latham® hybrids carry tolerance to glyphosate herbicide; a few hybrids carry traits that make them tolerant to glufosinate while allowing Liberty herbicide usage. There are many great options to get the weed-free field you are looking for.
  • Fertility Issues: Note areas of the field that show deficiency and have those soil sampled. Make plans to fertilize according to the requirements of next season’s crop. Very uniform and high-fertility fields are in the highly productive class. Fields with uneven fertility may be considered lower productive fields. You can find some great recommendations in the Latham product guide and tech sheets.
  • Soil Conditions: What residue are you leaving behind as you harvest your 2022 crop? Fields with high residue may require different management and possible product selection. Fields burdened with heavy trash will likely need the strongest emerging products next spring. We strive to provide the best information on emergence scores in our technical data.

Carefully assess each field and record what you see. Taking detailed notes will add great value to any yield map information that you generate. Use your notes to build a FieldXField® crop plan for success in 2023. Use Latham Seeds’ product guide, product tools on our website, tech sheets (also found on our website), as well as information from your dealer or RSM to find the best product for each of your fields.

As harvest data becomes available, we will share it with you. Follow @LathamSeeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest yield information. You also will find current, as well as years of historical yield results, on LathamSeeds.com.

We wish you a safe and bountiful harvest!