Latham Introduces 7 Corn Hybrids for 2023

Midwest farmers’ needs drive the development of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ product portfolio. We listen carefully to Latham® Dealers, and sales managers to identify hybrid characteristics growers need.

Lyle for product guide

Lyle Marcus, Corn Product Manager

Based on input from our customers, dealers and sales team, Latham Seeds’ Product Team members are introducing seven Latham brand hybrids for 2023 planting:

  1. 1. LH 3867 VT2 PRO RIB: This hybrid fits the bill for those looking for an 88-day VT2 PRO® product with great emergence in cold soils. It has nice grain dry down with great fall intactness. This one also has outstanding yield capacity.
  2. 2. LH 4527 VT2 PRO RIB: We were looking for a 95-day hybrid with drought tolerance for western Minnesota and the Dakotas. This hybrid tested extremely well in Latham’s 2021 elite trials, earning its way into our lineup. It also has excellent test weight with nice ear flex for lower population applications.
  3. 3. LH 5008 SS PRO RIB: With new RNAi technology in SmartStax® PRO hybrids, this 100-day hybrid fights heavy rootworm pressure. It has strong stalk and root strength. It also produces a girthy semi-flex ear.
  4. 4. LH 5034 AA: This 100-day Agrisure Artisan® hybrid exhibits a very balance plant style with moderate height, nice ear placement and great health. Its test weight, dry down and flexibility allow it to be planted across environments. I expect this one to be very popular.
  5. 5. LH 5559 SS RIB: This new 105-day SmartStax product delivers on the need for disease tolerance. It can be placed in corn-on-corn fields or rotated acres with rootworm pressure. Its best performance comes from fertility management at med-high to high populations.
  6. 6. LH 5668 SS PRO RIB: Whether you have rootworm pressure or corn-on-corn management issues, this 106-day hybrid has the toughness to provide top performance. It performs best at higher populations and fungicide application.
  7. 7. LH 6155 VT2 PRO RIB: The ability to emerge in tough, cold soils help this 111-day hybrid shine. It has flex to vary population. It works across different soils and field productivity zones. It also maintains a nice dry-down rate. You will see a nice response to fungicide.

Contact your local Latham seed representative to learn more about these exciting new products. Be sure to ask them about new tools to get the best pricing on seed. You can also call the Latham Seeds Office at 1-877-GO-LATHAM) for product placement suggestions.