Latham Seeds Introduces 2023 Soybean Lineup

Matt moore feature imageIndependent. Options.

These two words, printed on Latham® field signs, embody the core philosophy of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds. As a family-owned and managed seed company for 75 years. Latham Seeds takes pride in providing independent options that provide Upper Midwest farmers with the genetic and trait options they need produce more, field by field.

Latham Seeds is adding 11 varieties to its 2023 soybean lineup, including varieties with the Enlist E3®, XtendFlex® and LibertyLink® GT27™ trait packages. Each of these products earned its way into our bag after extensive research and testing. We are excited for what each of these soybean varieties brings to the table. Each of these new products has its own unique fit in our lineup:

L 00725 XF – Our earliest XtendFlex offering at a 0.07 maturity, this medium-tall variety is suited for both narrow and wide rows and has great standability and IDC scores.  This variety brings game-changing yield potential in this early maturity group.

L 0136 E3 – An exciting yield upgrade at this maturity in the E3 trait package, this bean has very strong Phytophthora Root Rot, Charcoal Rot, and IDC tolerances.

L 0528 LLGT27 – This new 0.5 Ironclad brings a great disease package with very good tolerances to SCN, PRR, White Mold, and IDC to provide overall versatility and performance.

L 0694 XF – A new Ironclad variety, this new XtendFlex bean showed strong yield performance across multiple environments providing for broad acre adaptability.  Excellent defensive scores for SCN, PRR, IDC, and Charcoal Rot.

L 0945 LLGT27 – Exciting yield potential with strong agronomics best describes this new Ironclad LLGT27 soybean that features strong SCN, PRR, and IDC scores as well as SDS tolerance.

L 0959 E3 – Strong SCN resistance and above-average IDC scores along with PRR, Brown Stem Rot, and SDS tolerances allow this new Ironclad E3 to perform across both high and low yield environments.

L 1439 XF – Excellent IDC, SCN, and PRR tolerances allows this new Ironclad XtendFlex variety to adapt to multiple tillage systems and yield environments.  This bean combines very strong agronomics with outstanding yield potential.

L 1452 LLGT27 – Top end yield potential with a very strong yield package. This 1.4 Ironclad LLGT27 variety has excellent tolerance to PRR, SCN, and IDC and has broad-acre adaptability.

L 1947 E3 – Named for the year Latham seeds was founded, this new Ironclad carries on the strong tradition of outstanding varieties we’ve launched over the last 75 years. Very strong IDC, SDS, and White Mold scores with excellent overall stress tolerance allows this bean to perform across all yield environments.

L 3123 E3 –  This new 3.1 Ironclad variety brings a major yield upgrade in this maturity.  Strong IDC, SCN, BSR, and SDS scores allow this wider, bushier plant to adapt east to west across its maturity zone.

L 3384 XF – Our latest maturity XtendFlex offering dominated Latham yield trials.  This variety boasts top end yield potential with very strong SCN and BSR resistance along with above average IDC, White Mold, and IDC scores.

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