Early Observations Show Advantage of Treating Seed with Latham’s Seed Treatment


SoyshieldNot all seed treatments are created equally.

Have you ever noticed how many different recipes there are for sugar cookies? It seems that each home cook has tweaked a recipe to give it her own special touch. The same is true for seed treatments. Seed companies put their own special ingredients into the mix.

Latham Seeds’ SoyShield® seed treatment platform is showing an advantage over our competitors’ products. As a result, more of our customers used SoyShield on their soybean seed in 2022.

The 2022 planting season provided some challenges to plant timely and in best soil conditions. Soil temperatures stayed cold in the early spring. Then rains fell. Many farmers planted in warmer but wetter soils than they did in 2021, so there is a potential for compaction in 2022.

Latham’s Product Team faced those same challenges in 2021 and in 2022 to get our research trials planted. However, we are obtaining some great information from these trials.

The seed treatment studies we are conducting contain our proven SoyShield Plus and SoyShield products along with additional enhancements for us to consider, as well as competitor products. The results we will obtain will help us understand how our seed treatment products improve performance under various conditions. Our early observations show that the best emerging and healthiest soybeans had premium treatments applied to them.Soyshield plus

We are observing similar improvement in our corn trials. Second year testing is showing a significant improvement in stand establishment and early season health of corn entries including Vayantis® seed treatment. This early look in 2022, as well as data from 2021, will result in an update to our seed treatment on corn for 2023 planting.

Our product team is collecting as much in-season data as we can in the field, and we look forward to seeing the yield results this fall. Watch for updates in the form of videos and photos, including our “Ask The Agronomist” weekly videos.

Thank you for choosing Latham’s seed treatment in 2022! We look forward to supporting your efforts to protect your seed in 2023 with our corn updates and continued growth of our SoyShield platform.