Latham Adds NEW Vayantis® Seed Treatment to SoyShield Plus

Vayantis® fungicide from Syngenta with active ingredient picarbutrazox is an exciting new addition to Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ SoyShield® Plus seed treatment platform for 2022 planting. For areas where traditional seed treatments may have lost efficacy, this second mode-of-action offers industry-leading protection against yield-robbing diseases like Pythium and Phytophthora in soybeans.

In addition to poor stands, Pythium causes stunting, under-developed roots, damping-off, lower plant populations, and reduced yield potential. Phytophthora root and stem rot can damage plants throughout the year, causing stem and root rots later in the growing season.

Treating your Latham® soybeans with Vayantis will allow you to reach maximum yield potential with protection from these early season seedling diseases through improved germination, increased early season plant health, and stronger, healthier roots.

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Also new this year Latham Seeds is adding Vayantis to all new-release corn products. We look forward to a future corn seed treatment platform that is built with the added protection of Vayantis fungicide.

In heavy Pythium scenario studies, stand loss measured more than 20% between non-inoculated and inoculated checks. Vayantis claimed a 6.6 bushel per acre (bu/A) advantage over Acceleron base treatments in Syngenta Seed Care studies and a 9.1 bu/A advantage in Latham Seeds’ internal studies. In broad-acre scenarios, SoyShield Plus with Vayantis still paid for itself with a 1.6 bu/A advantage over base treatments.

Order your Latham brand soybeans for 2022 planting with the protection of SoyShield Plus with Vayantis by March 31. Call your Latham representative today at 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842)!