Latham Expands Corn Trait Options for Midwest Farmers

At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we are committed to developing relationships with technology providers that allow us to bring the best trait options to our customers. Latham Seeds offers a hybrid lineup with the best insect protection and herbicide tolerance options to fit our customers’ needs.

For 2021 planting, the lineup of Latham® corn hybrids included the VT Double PRO® (VT2) and SmartStax® technologies that growers have trusted in their management programs. For 2022 planting, we have launched hybrids adding these traits: PowerCore® Enlist®, Trecepta® corn and the new Agrisure® Duracade® 5222 trait. Our Sales Team, including Latham Dealers, also got a sneak peek of hybrids with the new SmartStax PRO trait for rootworm protection at many of our 2021 product demonstration plots.

We’re excited to offer these additional tools to help farmers combat weeds, insects and disease during the 2022 growing season. Below is a brief overview of trait technologies available in Latham brand hybrids:

  • PowerCore Enlist: This newly approved trait package offers a more complete protection of above-ground insects. It protects plants from all the insects covered in a VT2 PRO hybrid plus offers Black Cutworm control and resistance to Corn Earworm and Western Bean Cutworm. It provides tolerance to applications of the Enlist 2,4-D herbicide, the FOP family of herbicides, as well as glyphosate. Approvals are still pending for blending, so these hybrids currently require a structured 5% refuge.
  • Trecepta: This trait provides robust protection of above-ground insect pests in corn by protecting the plant from nine major insects that feed on corn. You get all the protection of VT2 PRO plus Viptera, which adds protection from Black Cutworm, True Armyworm and Western Bean Cutworm infestations. Glyphosate is the only herbicide tolerance offered by Trecepta.
  • Agrisure Duracade 5222: This trait provides two modes of action protection from below-ground insects, two modes of actions from above-ground insects. It protects against the same insects as VT2 PRO, plus it has added protection from Black Cutworm, True Armyworm and Western Bean Cutworm infestations. This combination will allow farmers to prevent resistance by rotating insect protection technology. This trait is tolerant to glyphosate. If a hybrid also is labeled as EZ1 refuge, it will be tolerant to gluphosinate, as well.
  • SmartStax PRO: We will launch SmartStax PRO products for 2023 planting. This new trait provides above and below ground insect protection. The above ground portion comes from the same technology found in VT2 PRO hybrids.  The below ground now has three modes of action to protect hybrids from corn rootworm. Protection comes from two traditional Bt traits with one of them having a RNAi protein inhibitor connected to it. This added feature will provide farmers, who face heavy rootworm pressure either from long-term, corn-on-corn rotations or fields with natural high pressure with another tool to combat insect resistance.

Latham Seeds’ commitment to providing the technology options our farmer-customers want and need starts with finding the best genetic performance. Through our breeding and testing programs, we select the highest-yielding and most sound agronomic products for our lineup. See for yourself! Contact your local Latham dealer at 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842) to plant Latham brand corn hybrids this spring.