Firm Up Your 2022 Corn Orders

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Lyle Marcus, Corn Product Manager

Now is a great time to put the finishing touches on your field-by-field crop plans, so you can firm up seed orders for 2022 planting. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds offers a portfolio of hybrids, which allows you to select a hybrid with the right characteristics to fit a specific field.

Your Latham® dealer has a library of data to help you make the best seed decision based on soil types, crop rotation, fertility program and yield expectations. This data has been collected and compiled by Latham’s Product Team. Our Product Team also evaluates yield data and correlates their field notes from the most recent growing season to see which products are a good fit for Latham Country.

Through our Elite Trial program, we test products in every corner of our sales footprint and everywhere in between. We test products where they will be sold, which allows us to find niche hybrid corn products that excel in a local environment. You can find more proof of Performance, which includes yield data from our internal research and the F.I.R.S.T. Trials dating back to 2012.

The most important factor when selecting a new corn hybrid is genetics. Latham’s Product Team works in conjunction with many germplasm sources, including our own, to find the best products for the specific geographic regions we serve. We also have great relationships with trait providers, so we can access additional traits for our products. We either find or create the desired genetic combinations our customers need as we move into the evaluation stage of our process.

Work with your Latham representative to learn about the Latham hybrids that would best fit your fields. We recommend looking at multi-year data and planting a group of hybrids to protect from the unknown of how the environment will affect performance.

The following chart shows how planting five different hybrids each season results in higher average yields. The same hybrid does not top the plot each season, however, all hybrids featured on this chart are consistently top-yielding products. That’s the power of planting a package of Latham products!

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Now is the time to confirm your Latham seed order with your dealer. Call 1-877-GO-LATHAM (1.877.465.2842) or learn more about our products.