Latham Seeds is Creating More Proprietary Products

We’re on a mission to help farmers across the Upper Midwest:

At Latham Hi Tech Seeds, we know family farming is only getting harder. We believe farmers should have trusted partners who provide personalized solutions today, so they can grow even stronger legacies tomorrow.

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Lyle Marcus, Corn Product Manager

Each of our company’s teams – from Research & Development to Production and Sales – has developed specific goals with this mission statement in mind. Independent, family-owned Latham Seeds is committed to putting farmers’ needs first with enhanced efforts to bring our customers the highest-yielding and best positioned products regardless of where the genetics or traits originated.

Our Research and Product Teams continue to grow and create pathways to performance success. We listen to customers’ challenges throughout the growing season, apply those comments and needs to our process and find opportunities to help tackle those challenges.

Customer input is at the center of our decision hub. It helps us determine where to expand our testing location and genetic access. It also helps us fine-tune our corn breeding program by identifying products with characteristics that are important to our customers. We develop, access, and evaluate more potential products than ever before. We have expanded our breeding efforts to multi-state sites in the summers and use breeding sites in Chile and Mexico in the winter.

Our expanding access, the volume of genetics and multi-level trialing system are moving these desired products into our profiling phase at a more rapid pace. This allows us to more accurately identify a new product, a solution, and respond to a need. Once developmental products are found that fit identified needs, we will test and test and test! Our goal is to develop a strong profile for each product, so our customers know when, where and how the product could be placed. We pay particular attention to what is happening in other markets because those weeds, diseases or other growing challenges may soon be in Latham Country. For example, we have been researching Tar Spot for the past few seasons at its epicenter in Wisconsin. We’re also researching Southern Rust in Southern Illinois and Missouri, as well as temperature and heat stress in Tennessee and Mississippi.

Corn FarmherDuring Latham’s Elite Trial phase, we study management factors that fit to our footprint. These factors include population, ear flex, grain qualities, reactions to diseases such as Tar Spot, Anthracnose Stalk Rot or Gray Leaf Spot and dozens of other hybrid attributes. We work as hard to learn what a product won’t do as what it will do. Then we take all we have learned up to that point in time, and we develop positioning statements that help our farmer-customers determine the best use, or the how-to, for a given product. This all happens before you see it.

We’re in this together! Your product input, your comments, your shared experiences help us enhance our product lineup. Products selected from Elite Trials that meet Latham Seeds’ standards and your needs are then released for sale.

We’re grateful technology allows us to manage the processes. From GPS precision R&D and Precision Agronomy to simple electronic monitoring of nursery progress in Mexico, we try to use every technology available to create a better product experience for you. Just as each cropping season is filled with hope and promise for a farmer, our entire team is excited about the new crop being planted by Latham’s research and development program.