Consider Damage from 2021 Crop When Planning for 2022

This year corn rootworm has damaged a significant number of corn acres across Latham Country. We can clearly see the effects of early root feeding in the center of the root ball; many root balls are smaller this year due to drought. We’re also seeing evidence of root feeding in areas that received more rainfall because the insect pressure was especially high across Iowa and southern Minnesota.

As you walk fields before harvest, we suggest you take the time to dig some roots and see what level of pressure you may have had in your field.  The following link will aide you in determining the amount of feeding in your field:

Lyle tech talk photoThis photo shows feeding evidence. A hybrid with VT2 PRO® technology is shown on the left, and a SmartStax® hybrid is shown on the right. The center roots, which would have been the first and second nodal roots, are missing.

Once you have determined that a field or area of field has been infested with corn rootworm, identify that in your manual field notes or in your Data Forward® app from Latham Seeds. Keeping good records on a field-by-field basis will help you purchase the best seed for those acres. Remember to maintain field records for multiple years, especially on those rotated acres, so you remember the possible need for protection when that field rotates back to corn.

Latham Seeds has many options for corn products to help protect your plants next spring. We have many hybrids with the SmartStax trait. We have introduced a hybrid with Duracade® technology for 2022 planting.  We also have our outstanding lineup of VT2 PRO hybrids that, when used in conjunction with a soil-applied insecticide at planting, can perform well in fields with lower corn rootworm pressure. We look forward to adding SmartStax PRO to our future lineup, which adds another mode of action to SmartStax technology. We have shown this new technology to our sales team and are excited by the protection we see.

Detailed field notes related to disease, weed escapes, fertility issues and soil conditions will provide great value as you select seed for each field you plant to corn in 2022. At Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we’re here to help you find the best product on a field-by-field basis.