Hope for the Best, Manage the Unknowns

No one is more optimistic than a farmer! Farming, after all, is a profession of hope. We always hope for the best, but we also must manage the risk of unknown variables like weather.

Note in the chart below that 53% of yield can be attributed to weather and nitrogen/plant food! This chart, in combination with Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ signature FieldXField seed placement process, can help farmers build a strategy for the next planting season. Address the factors that can be controlled, and manage risk around the unknowns like weather by placing a stress-tolerant hybrid like an Artesian.

As you order seed for your own acres or recommend seed for a customer or a prospect, yield information can increase confidence. Be mindful that we had a good year in 2016 with ample rainfall, so most hybrids performed very well. We don’t know what the season ahead will deliver, so planting a combination of Latham® hybrids is a good way to manage risk.

Talk to your Latham regional sales manager for help placing a package of products on a field-by-field basis. Also feel free to call me or another member of our product team if we may be of assistance.

The Seven Wonders of the Corn Yield World


Values presented in bushels/acre as well as percentage of the total (260 bushels/acre).