The scenery in the country the past week has been of mud and parked equipment. Last week’s rain storms dropped significant amounts of rain across the state, halting #harvest16 progress. 

Growers are beginning to harvest soybeans with excellent yield reports across the state. Corn moistures are dropping quickly with a range of moistures between 24-30 percent.  Roughly two-thirds of the corn crop in Wisconsin is considered mature.  Across the state, I am getting reports of corn fields with mold developing on the ears or kernels germinating due to weather. This growing season was a perfect storm of conditions that caused these issues and unfortunately there is nothing a grower could have done as a preventative.  Remember, it’s in your best interest to prioritize harvest to ensure the tough acres are harvested timely to secure yield.  We have potential for good yields in 2016, but quality and stand-ability could be a challenge if we don’t get dry weather for harvest. 

LH 4727 VT2 PRO is really showing strong at a location I stopped at in Southern Wisconsin this week.  Even being placed in some sandier stressed ground, this hybrid sports good roots and stalks that will support this high-yielding hybrid throughout the year.  The big, blocky ears with deep kernels combined with fast drydown are going to make it fun to harvest. 

If you would like to hear more about some Latham products, or want to take a look at Latham plots before harvest, please give me a call.

Stay safe this harvest season.




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