By Greg Mair, Regional Sales Manager for Southern Wisconsin

Farmers in Wisconsin couldn’t ask for better weather this past week.  Cool nights and dry, sunny days were a nice change after a string of weeks in August where, it seemed, we received an inch of rain every couple of days. 

Soybeans are pushing closer to maturity with about a quarter of the beans turning color across the state.  Remember, this is the time to note any issues you are seeing in your fields.  From White Mold to yield-robbing pests, having knowledge of the issues will arm yourself and assist your Latham representative in putting the FieldxFieldTM to work for you in 2017.

Silage harvest is in full swing across the state. Some farmers have just started while others are done. Maturities and planting date, along with how the corn silage will be stored, are playing large roles in the spread of the harvest window across the state. 

While visiting a plot in Northwest Wisconsin last week, I noticed some Latham® silage hbyrids that appear to have exceptional tonnage.  Both of these hybrids are designated as “Leafy.”  Hybrids with the “Leafy” designation generally have 2 times more leaves above the ear adding to digestibility and tonnage. Soft starch kernels allow these hybrids to bring the best in starch digestibility for maximum energy intake and production in the parlor.

These two hybrids that stood out are LH 4532 RR/LFY (pictured) and LH 5042 RR/LFY.  The LH 4532 RR/LFY has 12 leaves above the ear!  As you can see from the picture, these hybrids stand much taller than your standard hybrid varieties in this maturity range, thus increasing tonnage at harvest. 

Click here for tips to select silage hybrids for 2017. If you would like more information on these “Leafy” hybrids, please give me a call at 1.877.GO.LATHAM. 


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