Harvest is really getting into full swing in Northeast South Dakota. Many growers are rolling on soybeans, and I’m continually receiving reports of great yields. Latham brand L 0982 R2, which was entered in the South Dakota Soybean Association near Frankfort, yielded 81.3 bu/A in the yield plot!

Latham® Soybeans near Hazel, SD are averaging in the mid- to upper 60s and are consistently hitting over 80 in the field. In a swath across the field to check yield near Watertown was 66 bu/acre! Yield certainly depends on the weather. Over near Miller, SD, where fields were overly wet early and dry later, I’m hearing bean yields are in the 40s.


L0982R2 near Hazel, SD

Corn is also getting close to harvest. Leaves are becoming brown from the top down and bottom up as it is maturing naturally. We typically don’t see this as the leaves are normally killed by frost this far North before they can mature naturally. A ripe ear on a green stalk! I hand checked some LH4147VT2PRO yesterday at 30%, so corn harvest should start soon after bean harvest!

LH4147VT2PRO at Watertown, SD

LH4147VT2PRO at Watertown, SD

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